Welcome to Polycomical Studios!

Polycomical Studios is a group dedicated to young and emerging artistic talent. We want to help people get the most from creative projects.

It is a common problem with people who want to learn about this type of work that you need experience to get jobs and jobs to get experience.

We can offer the following:

1. A platform for your creative ideas

2. A share in merchandise and other revenue streams

3. Promotion for your talents

4. References

5. The chance to work with other creative individuals and develop your skills

We have featured on the Eastern Daily Press’ Future 50 list for 2012, so read about us more there.

At present we have one flagship title Reynard City. This started off as an online comic but since then we have started work on a graphic novel, video game and animation series.

The projects have required a vast array of talented people, ranging from writers, artists and inkers through to musicians, costume designers and business promoters.

If you have a series that you are desperate to see produced and want someone to help push it forward, check out our submission details here.

You can find out more by getting in touch with Writer/Producer Rob Turner via reynardcity@gmail.com