Help for writers


“As someone who knows the point they want to get across, but could do with a little help explaining in clear English for a customer or website viewer to understand, I approached Rob. He completely re-did my content into something brilliant which has seen by website conversion increase dramatically! I look forward to working with Rob again in the future.”  – Charlie Ellington, Speech Bubble Marketing



Which of these apply to you?

  • You want to write but don’t know how to get the ideas down on the page.
  • You keep trying to write but life gets in the way (work, kids etc)
  • You have got something down but you’re not sure it’s good enough

It doesn’t matter if this is a comic, a film script or a wedding speech. We all need help sometimes and this is what we can do for you.

With our help an experienced writer can look over your work, helping you to get the most from your work. It’s not about dictating a style or fitting a structure. It is about working with you to convey whatever the message is you want to say.

If you want our help email with your work and we can give you a quote (this will depend on the amount of words, deadline etc, as a broad guide it’s £25 per 500 pages)


Pic by Dreamwarrior

Pic by Dreamwarrior






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