Submission Guide

If you submit a title for development with Polycomical you can benefit from the following:

1. Our years of experience handling our own title that has since got us included in the Eastern Daily Press Future 50

2. The chance to have your work promoted and pushed alongside our major titles

3. A share in merchandise and other revenue streams

4. The benefit of having your own representative

5. A reference for any future work as well as credited experience (something that is vital for getting work in the creative  ndustry, something that is very competitive!)

In order to submit a title for consideration with Polycomical certain things are needed:

1. Genre: Comics aren’t just superheroes! You may want to do a romantic comedy, a horror comic or any number of other  possibilities. We are open minded and will look at anything you submit but if you can keep it PG/PG-13 that would give us
the best chance of a wider audience.

2. A clear story arc and plot-line: Even if you do not have all the scripts together yet e need a clear indication of where the plot is going. If you want to do a single self contained story that’s fine as well.

3. Characters: Tell us about your characters (preferably with pictures). Who are they? What are their motivations?

4. Team: Are you doing this as a writer or are you drawing it as well? Do you have an artist that you are working with? As you might expect if you can do this part yourself it will make the package a bit more attractive as we don’t have to pay out for additional artists (and maximise the monies you could potentially get!)

5. Effort: This next bit is optional but it can’t be emphasised enough! We will do all we can to help promote you. However you need to be prepared to get yourself out there and spread the word too! Tell us what you will do to push your title and
make yourself heard!

You can send your submission documents and any enquiries to reynardcity at gmail dot com (We’ve had to do this thanks to some hacky spam people!)


2 thoughts on “Submission Guide

  1. So are you trying to be a webcomic list/host service, or are you trying to recruit clients as an advertising firm? You make it clear what we get, but what do you get from us?

    • Basically we are looking for additional titles to add to Polycomical- in effect we act as producers and post your webcomics on this site for free. However in order to pay for that we look for advertisers and we will give you a share in the money we make from that. Hope that makes it a bit clearer!

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