Commission Services

“Since starting promoting small business online via & social network platforms, I have great privilege in knowing & supporting some fantastic people, most of all Will & the Reynard City Artists, not only do they create super story lines & excellent artwork, their continual support to other liked minded people is truly inspirational, this is why I offered my service as Social Media promoter. I will be fully committed to continuing our business relationship into the future.” John Toal, Tweeturbizuk
_cm__reynard_city_stand_off__by_chaoticdrakness-d46hph0 LondonMCSusieDanandWill


Our aim is to help emerging artistic talent. As well as writers and artists we have also been lucky to work with costume designers, musicians, voice actors and other talents.

If you are looking for someone to work with on a creative project, email and we will work with our creative talent to help you and give you an initial quote.

Projects we can work on include-

  • Copywriting– Blogs, website pages and ghostwriting all at a reasonable price!
  • Artwork– Whether you are looking for something to jazz up a website, something to make your advertising stand out or even surprise a loved one with a cool looking birthday present we have talent that can work on this for you.
  • Website design– We can recommend reliable website design professionals that can give you an effective website design that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing
  • Film making-  Videos are a great way to promote your business. We know a number of great media companies        and creative individuals that can help advertise your company.

Below are a few examples of the talented individuals and companies we have worked with.

Dan Butcher- Artist

visualise logo (1)

Visualise- Graphic Design

Mac Doctor Norwich - Icon

Mac Doctor Norwich- Computer repair and design work


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